Macau Alzheimer’s Disease Association (MADA)

Macau Alzheimer’s Disease Association (MADA), with nearly a year’s preparation, is established by a group of experts and scholars from health care, nursing, education, social services, legal, MICE and cultural field as well as persons-in-charge of elderly homes who show concerns about the ageing society and elderly care.

The inauguration of MADA symbolizes a milestone for dementia and elderly services in Macao. The Association is set up with the aim to form the correct knowledge and positive attitude of the general public on dementia through community education, and to make proactive effort to prevent and control the disease. It attaches high importance to early detection and timely care, and is thus devoted to offering training programme to caregivers and professionals of the related field who will then provide cross-disciplinary care of high quality for dementia patients as well as conduct related researches based on the cultural environment of Macao. Furthermore, MADA is committed to promoting institutional collaboration to broaden experience and service network, and to enhance the daily caring skills and voluntary spirit of caregivers. MADA hopes to offer a better understanding to people from all walks of life of the needs of dementia patients and caregivers, and hence calls for more services and community resources.